Social Media Marketing for Resorts – Use These 5 Amazing Tips to Grow Your Customer List

Social Media Marketing for Resorts – Use These 5 Amazing Tips to Grow Your Customer List

Social media marketing for resorts and hotels can boost inquiries and bookings. Travelers are constantly searching for accommodation, and most of their decisions are based on the social profiles of the property. If you own a resort or a villa, and aren’t using social media platforms, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of customers.

Are you looking to build a social media strategy for your resort?

If yes, this is the right place for you. With just a few tweaks to your existing social media strategy, you will start seeing an increase in bookings and retention of existing clientele. While the core of any social media marketing strategy remains the same, there are a few changes (read, add-ons) that need to be implemented based on the business type and its goals.

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So, without further ado, let’s tell you about some amazing ways to be a star on social media.

Social Media Marketing for Resorts: Knowing The Customer

Understanding your customers is the very first step of a successful resort social media strategy. So, how is it any different from the regular consumer research?

Well, it is mostly the same. The only catch with customers searching for resorts is that they do most of their preliminary research online. Most common platforms that travelers use are Facebook, Instagram, and other travel-related apps like TripAdvisor. Actually, all of the online platforms have the potential to influence a buyer’s decision.

What you present online is how the potential buyer perceives you as. This means, you have to be careful of your content, the frequency, and balance between promotions & information. If you own a resort or a villa, you need to start by determining what you offer and the types of visitors you want to cater to.

For instance, Jared owns a small villa by the beach and wants to make use of social media to increase bookings. He is at the beginning stage of understanding his potential customers. To figure out the customers, he decides to list the services his villa would offer (ex: lodging, meals, laundry, etc.). He also determines that his villa will be an apt choice for recreational travelers, singles, and couples. At the end of it, Jared knows the services he can offer and has filtered out the customers he wants to target.

This is important because the target audience and services you offer will build the base for the brand tone. You want to get straight to the point and maintain a tone right from the start.

Social Media Marketing for Resorts: Selecting the Platforms

Social media is the perfect platform for encouraging tourists, and having a strong multi-channel social media strategy enables resort and hotel marketers to make the best use of the resources of social media to attract guests.

But, you need to consider which platforms to choose from. Some of the most-recommended platforms for promoting your resort are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Yes, you can use LinkedIn as well (but, only if your resort or villa caters to businesses/corporate).

Based on our previous analogy of Jared, the ideal platforms for his resort are Instagram and Facebook. The reason is simple – travelers flock Instagram and Facebook to show-off their photos and videos pre and post-trip. Both of these platforms have a huge number of active users that fit the buyer persona Jared’s resort will cater to. He isn’t open to businesses or large groups, so LinkedIn isn’t fruitful enough for him. Jared also decides to use Twitter for promoting his resort by leveraging on trends related to his industry.

You need to segregate the platforms similarly. There is no point in posting on every platform, instead post on selected platforms (and make use of the tips we listed below) to get the most out of social media marketing for resorts.

Social Media Marketing for Resorts: Deciding the Content

Having an online presence is the best way to make yourself known. It’s about using resort social media strategy and content marketing to put the right content in the right place.

Posting images and videos of scenic locations in and around your resort won’t be of much help if they don’t reach to the right customers. First of all, most vacations are based on a lot of emotions. It all starts with a dream, then progresses to destination shopping, then comes research… and, among all these there are micro-moments that influence the decision.

The gist: creating emotion-rich micro-content that connects with the target customers at every step of their buyer journey.

Content for Facebook

You should claim your business page on Facebook. It is FREE and gives you a lot of tools to market your resort online. Set up your business page with a beautiful cover photo and your brand logo (make sure to be consistent across all platforms). Next, add all relevant tabs (contact, booking, etc.) and set-up the Messenger for your business page.

When it comes to content for Facebook, the best option is to use short video clips in addition to high-res images. Consider the fact that by 2021 video will account for 82% of all Internet internet traffic worldwide. Video also adds a lively vibe to your resort business. There are plenty of free tools to help you make videos, and you can also upload your videos on Instagram and YouTube .

social media marketing for resorts
Social Media Pages for a renowned Hotel

A great way to increase engagement and reach on Facebook is by running contests and offers for the target audience. There are lots of ways to have more and more customers interact with your brand on Facebook. Some common ways are –

  • Offer giveaways/discounts in exchange of client’s email.
  • Encourage customers to share posts on their wall/groups for extra coupons/chances to win a competition.
  • Ask users to submit their content and offer rewards for the best users.
  • Extra deals for Top Fans.

Content for Instagram

Harness the power of hashtags on Instagram. As mentioned earlier, Instagram is a hotspot for visual content promotion. And, when you mix images/videos with relevant(and high volume) hashtags, you will see a surge in the number of queries.

Always research on trending hashtags to gain extra visibility for your resort’s Instagram post. For instance, Jared is offering discounts for poolside party in his resort on 15th and 30th of every month. He knows his target audience is mostly youngsters. Thus, he decides to use hashtags like #poolparty #beachresortparty #groove, and other relevant hashtags to display his offer before a wider audience.

In addition to these hashtags, social media marketing strategy for resorts should also include a list of trending niche-based hashtags. For instance, Jared’s resort is close to a popular village named Schwifty Islands, a popular tourist destination (sorry, Rick n’ Morty fans). He can also gain more engagement and reach using the niche-based hashtag #schwiftyislands.

If you look around Instagram, you’ll find a lot of hotels and resorts using this technique. For example, a lot of Italian hotels in and around Paris use the hashtag #eiffeltower, or Sydney-based hotels use #sydneytower.

Then there are the evergreen contest hashtags. W Hotels, Bali recently used the hashtag #POSEWHENEVER for their contest wherein they were giving away a free stay at their resort in Seminyak, Bali.

w-hotel bali sample post

Social Media Marketing for Resorts: 5 Killer Tips

If you are here, you have already learnt what to post, where to post, and who to post for. Similar to every marketing strategy, a successful strategy of social media marketing for resorts also depends on the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE!

However, to make things easier for you (and to help you build a robust social media marketing strategy for your resorts), here are some additional tips –

Share External Content

You don’t always need to create original content. Even if you have a lot of great original content, social media is the perfect place to share the content of others if it fits with the voice of your brand. So don’t worry about mixing it up and sharing some content you didn’t create. It works especially well if you are able to share or repost local businesses that make a great stop near your property or highlight the content of tourists.

Connect with Influencers

Identify and track a group of influencers or leaders in the destination or travel industry. When they post something to your followers that is interesting or relevant, feel free to repost it or share it on your account. Pay attention to the rights and copyright of any material you don’t own and ensure that everything is correctly credited to the creators.

Don’t forget that influence on social media is about more than just how many followers an account has. Try to find the people who actually amplify a conversation, the ones who are actively engaged in a channel, and the people who can reach the largest and most relevant audience.

Get More Followers

If you’re going to spend time on building a strategy on social media marketing for resorts, you will want to ensure you’re not
shouting into an empty void.

One of the best ways to get more followers is to follow people first. Look at who’s talking about things that are interesting to you (travel, and especially travel to your particular part of the world), using hashtags you use, following accounts you respect, and follow them from your account. And make sure you’re following your employees, everyone who posts about your brand or engages with your content, and anyone you can find who seems like they might be a good fit.

Engage in Conversations

Once you have followers, keeping them happy is critical. That’s where social media marketing for resorts comes in. Be social! Be social. Spend time learning about and engaging with your fans. Repost or like your stuff, answer your messages. Tell them what kind of holiday they enjoy taking, what they are excited about if they come to visit. Participating is the key, not just broadcasting.

Measure and Optimize

Without measurement and reporting, no social media strategy is complete. The only way to know if you’re working is to measure your results-and worth the investment you’ve put into it. There is a set of metrics that you should monitor, regardless of the social channels on which you are involved.

You should measure your post’s reach (organic & paid), engagement (comments, likes, retweets, shares). Most social media platforms offer analytics, but you can also use 3rd party tools.


Hopefully you’ve picked up some tips you can use in social media marketing for resorts – from how to build the right content for social media, to learn how to better curate your content, to expand your audience and set up better analytics. This guide is just a skeletal frame of how you can plan your resort’s social media strategy.

Follow these tips, and, above all, keep testing different types of content! And, make sure that you keep a track of your progress. See what works for you, and pin-point areas that you can improve. Social media marketing is an ever-changing field, thus your strategy should be adaptive too.

And, if you need professional assistance, connect with one of our Social Media Ninjas without any hesitation. Good luck!

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