Drive Instant Traffic &
Conversions with Social Media Ads

If you are looking to increase your brand’s reach and visibility, social media marketing is a must-try option. At Yasza Media, we help clients like you generate more leads without going off-budget.

There are so many social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean you have to run paid ads on all of them. Our team of social media specialists research the platforms that will work for your business. We run ads on platforms where your product/service strikes a chord with the targeted audience.

Our team stays up to date on the latest trends.This helps us build ads that perform well and provide higher returns on investment.

Targeting the Right People

When it comes to running high-performing FB and Instagram ads, it all boils down to how well you understand your target audience. When we run your ads on Facebook, we decide exactly what viewers will be seeing your ads. Based on location, gender, interests and more, we will target your exact audience.

We believe that each click on your page should be by someone really interested in clicking this like, and interested in your business or product, so we focus on targeted facebook advertising. We work it in Optimize Click / Optimize Impression / Sponsored Story /

Promoting Post by using Facebook real advertisement process.

The number of monthly active users is seeing an exponential increase for both Facebook and Instagram. More users equals more opportunities for lead generation. With our FB and Instagram ad services, you’ll be able to  –

  • Get in front of customers who are actually looking for services/products similar to that of yours.
  • Reach a larger group of audience.
  • Increase engagement and conversions.
  • Maximize brand visibility online.
  • Show up on more news feeds.
  • Increase page likes, follows, and shares.

Yasza Media is committed to deliver and help achieve your goals through in-depth market research and data-driven approach for Instagram and Facebook.

Relax! Our Methods are Tried and Tested

We need to understand exactly who we are trying to target, what they might be interested in and how they might respond to certain things before we get started. It is unlikely that you will know the exact answers, but whatever you know will only help us to get to a starting point.

Our detailed and conversion-driven social media advertising management services include audience research, ad copywriting, creative asset management, remarketing, analysis, reporting, and more for different social media networks.

The next logical step is creating different copies of sample ads. You’ve got to feel comfortable. It is vital that you are satisfied with the language we use, the copy of the ad, and the images we use. Odd combinations and strange ideas are the most effective when out of the box, but we’re never going to run anything against your wishes. Once you approve the ad copy, we start working on the next step.

We will start as soon as possible, then in the coming days we will add more campaigns. The idea behind this is to get used to the traffic, the volume of emails and the level of inquiries. When you’re struggling to manage the first lot of inquiries, it’s not safe for us to click the traffic tap to capacity.

Next, we’ll start recycling the high-performing ads. Most of the ad would remain, but we could change the CTA to “Free Checklist: Get Yours” instead of saying “Get Your Free Report.” The same idea, it just looks different visually.

Over time, we’re going to start noticing what kinds of ads, markets, platforms and targeting are actually producing clients. From day one, you never know that. Ultimately, we can begin to shut down ads that aren’t as effective in producing customers and double down on those that are. Constant monitoring allows us to yield better results with lower investment rates.

Why Us?

Most businesses take uncalculated risks when it comes to social media advertising. At Yasza Media, our paid ad campaigns are built to eliminate all risks. The entire team knows what they need to know, and each of the members are highly experienced in their niches.


We have years of Facebook and Instagram ad campaign management. Our team knows what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done.


We know the trends and demands of today’s audience. Our ads are built in a way that it resonates with each of your target audience.


We believe that as a client you should know how your money is being used. That’s the reason we provide detailed analytics for every ad campaign that we run.

People are searching online all the time. We help you get seen! Do you want to increase leads, generate sales, get more page likes, referral traffic? Whatever be your requirement, Yasza Media’s paid ad campaign management services is here to help you achieve your goals.