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- We Are Revolutionizing Marketing for Businesses

Lead generation has gone beyond email marketing and paid ads. The advancement of technology has also changed the way customers consume information. At Yasza Media, we understand that automation is the future.

And, we help businesses to adapt and embrace these new features. Yasza Media provides full-fledged messenger marketing services. Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. So people like to spend a lot of time on it, either all at once or throughout the day on a regular basis. This means that billions and billions of eyes are constantly scrolling through posts, videos, pictures, status updates, and, yes, ads.

It can be stressful managing posts and engaging with users via comments. Also, when you run ad campaigns, you will get many queries on Messenger. Handling all of these queries can be tough. That’s where our Messenger marketing services comes to your rescue. Not only answering queries, Yasza Media’s messenger marketing can help your business share content, generate leads, customer service and a lot more.

Messenger Marketing Performs Better than Email Marketing

While email marketing has always been important to a successful marketing campaign, Messenger marketing is an easier and a modern tool that helps generate more leads.

If a prospect is directed to a landing page, the only way they can truly become a lead is to leave an email address or re-target it in some way. Instead, if that person starts a conversation with a messenger bot, they immediately become a stronger lead due to the ability of the bot to reconnect with them after the initial conversation within 24 hours.

With emails, it is time consuming (as well as costly) to personalize each email, but Yasza Media’s messenger marketing services helps automate the process. We build scripts to personalize the messages that makes an instant connection in a conversational tone. In addition to personalization, chatbots are able to respond and engage almost instantly. Using our messenger marketing services, you will be able to attract more customers.

Our Messenger Marketing Process

Yasza Media needs to know all we can about your existing customer base, first and foremost. It covers what kinds of behaviors they have on social media or online elsewhere. This data will also notify our new customer attraction strategy.

After identifying your audience, we will figure out how to most effectively communicate with your audience. What are they going to engage with and why? This will also inform marketing ideas for the future. We customize the messenger marketing strategy to send newsletters, offers, discounts, polls, quizzes and so much more.

We’re going to approach your Messenger marketing campaign in many ways, we start by reaching your current audience. We then scale your Facebook ads to reach new audiences to maximize results:

Custom: Using your customer database, we’ll upload phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook user Identities and user IDs for the device. It will then match that information to as many user profiles as possible.

Lookalike: Facebook will find similar profiles to your existing contacts and open up a whole new set of potential customers now that we have an image of your audience database.

Place or Location: This is critical for a local business in particular. Ads will target a region, city, state, or country specifically that can engage with your business.

Age, gender, language: Unless you target everyone between ages 1 to 92, honing users in the right age, gender, and language is important for effective marketing. Thankfully, with our Messenger Marketing strategy, this is easy to do.

Advanced targeting: This strategy is used to attract new customers or people who have never previously heard about your company. This covers classes such as backgrounds, preferences, habits and others.

Messenger Marketing Campaigns are an ongoing process. At Yasza Media, we respond to what works and move on fast from what doesn’t work.

More Customers, Greater RoI

No more cart abandonments or missed queries with our chatbots. Unlike human resources, chatbots don’t get tired. They are available 24X7 to resolve customer queries. In fact, you can also use them to provide effective customer service and build your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Chatbots simplify data collection, allowing people to opt-in easier and faster.
With our messenger marketing services, you can transfer lead data automatically with unlimited integrations wherever you want.

Automate to Save Investments

We will help you build automated responses for chatbots that will handle the majority of the customer issues. These questions are scripted in a way that enables the bots to pre-qualify the leads and drive sales.

Our experts will help build lists that the bots can use to broadcast newsletters, giveaways, and offers.

Using our messenger marketing services, you will be able to reduce your company’s overheads. Most customer inquiry tasks can be handled by the chatbot, you can cut down on manpower and allocate the budget to amplify your marketing efforts.

Messenger Marketing Is The Future

Are you ready to integrate the power of messenger automation into your marketing? Click the link below to get more details on how our messenger marketing services can benefit your business.