Restaurant Email Marketing | 6 Amazing Campaign Ideas

restaurant email marketing

Restaurant Email Marketing | 6 Amazing Campaign Ideas

Over the years, email marketing has proven its value in generating leads and engaging the audience. Every email campaign is different, and in this article, we’ll be discussing the art of restaurant email marketing. We will tell you about effective strategies and campaigns that will accelerate your outbound marketing efforts.

Restaurant email marketing isn’t something that is totally different than what you already know. The only difference is how you plan and execute. An effective restaurant email marketing campaign has to follow a sequence. You don’t want to overwhelm the target audience (and, end up in Spam).

Why email marketing is the right choice? Well, more than 90% email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, and the average CTR from a well-executed email campaign is almost 3%.. Setting up an email marketing campaign is fairly easy. To get a fair idea, we recommend reading our previous articles –

The number of restaurants are increasing at an exponential rate. And, email marketing still remains the most cost-effective way to generate leads. So, let’s start by telling you the potential benefits of setting up email marketing campaigns for your restaurant.

Restaurant Email Marketing | The Benefits

We already know that email marketing is the G.O.A.T. But, is it equally popular in the restaurant industry?

According to a research by SinglePlatform, restaurants spend more than 15% of their marketing budget on email campaigns. Oh wait, you might as well think, these numbers don’t matter….what’s the ROI?

There are different numbers being thrown out, but here are 3 big companies’ claim –

  • A study published by WebpageFX points out that the ROI, in general, is $44 for every $1 spent.
  • Another study by ChowNow shows a slightly lower ROI, $43 for each $1 spent.
  • EZCater did another survey that showed the ROI to be $38 for every $1 spent.

No matter whichever data source you decide to trust, each of them are clear indicators that restaurant email marketing is a successful strategy that guarantees good return on investments.

Apart from the obvious ROI, here are some other benefits of using email marketing for restaurants –

restaurant email marketing - benefits
  • Compared to every other niche of marketing, email marketing costs peanuts. There are no print or postage fee involved. You also don’t need to worry about paying for running ad campaigns.
  • It is easy to implement. You also don’t need a huge team or hands-on technical knowledge.
  • Emails make it easier to run A/B Tests and optimize them for the best results.
  • It has a better open-rate and reach than social media posts.

Email Marketing for Restaurants | Must-Follow Tips

Now that you already know that email marketing can work wonders for your restaurant. But, the question still remains.

How do you start?

First of all, you will need to set-up opt-in/submission forms on your website. This will let interested users sign up for your emails. But, no one likes to give away their emails (because of the obvious fear of spam), so you will need to offer something as an incentive for signing up. It can be anything – a discount coupon, a gift card, a recipe book, etc.

Once you have these two things ready, you need to ensure the below –

Consistent Branding

Keep the branding consistent on your emails. Your brand logo, name, contact details, etc. should be clearly visible. This helps increase brand awareness (while letting the recipient know who sent the message).

Personalization and Segmentation

restaurant email marketing-personalization

In order to get better results, you need to segment your emails into different lists. These lists depend on which page the recipient signed up. For instance, one user signed up to receive menu updates, while another signed up for promotional discounts – these are two unique lists.

Segmentation helps create personalized content based on individual subscriber’s wants and needs. You will also get the flexibility to add personalized elements in the outbound emails. Personalization is a powerful tool, and it helps increase the average open-rate and conversions.

Offers and Gifts

Coupons and other promotional items are a must restaurant email marketing. They help engage and retain customers. When you send coupons and offers, it is a great idea to personalize them to an extent (offer a custom bar code, a unique Customer Relationship Number, etc.) to make it easier for customers to redeem the offers.

Connect Social Platforms

Adding links to your social media handles is a great way to enhance (and extend) your relationship with the customers. Not only it helps gaining followers, but it also opens additional outlets for subscribers to connect and learn more about your restaurant. It leads to easy bookings and communication.


How much is too much? Well, when it comes to email marketing for restaurants, it is pivotal to take note of the sending frequency. You don’t want to bombard the customer’s inbox, nor do you want to send too few so as to drop out of their contact lists.

Make sure that you don’t overdo it. A great idea is to keep a frequency of 1 email every 15 days. However, it might vary depending on the demographics and your business goal(s).

Restaurant Email Marketing | What to Send?

There is no capping on what you can send. Welcome emails, promotional emails, personalized birthday/anniversary wishes – the choice is yours. However, here’s a clearer idea (and, some tips) that should get you started –

Welcome Emails

Research has shown that 320 percent more revenue is generated by welcome emails than any other form of promotional email. Make sure you set the tone of your emails by giving away something for free (a gift or a discount) so users will be more likely to open their emails in the future.

Promoting Menu

Give customers a reason to come back to your restaurant by showing in your email a new dish or a whole menu. Use high quality pictures of your new dishes and describe them in detail to get the drooling readers over the prospect of trying them.

Specials and Discounts

Regular promotions and special offers are a great way to amp up more business and show your customers that you care a great deal to offer them. Email is once again the perfect way to let your clients know about these promotions.

Box, Food, Love, Pralines, Sweet
Gifts are great to engage new customers

Upcoming Events

If you’re doing a fun night or run any other kind of event that people can buy tickets for, make sure that you’re advertising it to your client base. Remember, your email list is full of clients already involved with your brand, which means they are among the easiest people to sell to.


Not all emails need to be promotional. Also emails can be a great way to find out more about your customers so you can customize promotions for them in the future. Send surveys to customers to underline the fact that their voices (feedback) are heard and implemented as well. This also helps increase your restaurant’s Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Personalized Content

There are still few businesses sending out birthday wishes so there’s a chance to stand out. Birthday emails can be a bit boring on their own. But combine them with a special discount (such as a free drink, free side or a percentage discount) and you can easily make somebody’s birthday a little more special.

Restaurant Email Marketing | Additional Tips

Let’s be straight here – creating and sending an email is easy, encouraging prospects to click and open it is tough. And, that is why, you need to put in extra efforts on building the subject line. We are listing a few tried-and-tested subject lines from the biggest restaurants (however, don’t just copy-paste, and try out your own variations).

Personalized Subject Lines

  • Happy Birthday, James! Here’s a gift for us.
  • Hey Jenny, only one more burger to go before your FREE gift.

Question-based Subject Lines

  • How was your food last night, Sameer?
  • Are you visiting us for Shrimp Saturday? Everything at $7.99.

Urgency-Based Subject Lines

  • Only 2 days LEFT for our BOGO deals!
  • 5 spots remaining for our Friday Potluck. You sure about missing out?

Emoji-based Subject Lines

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is an Avenger-level weapon, and you should wield it wisely. Are you thinking of integrating effective restaurant email marketing to increase bookings and engagement?

What if we told you that you can get it done without even lifting a finger? Yes, that’s true! Connect with one of our email marketing gurus, and you will see exceptional results in no time. Sounds convenient?

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