3D Product Complex Image


3D Product Complex Image Render

  • 5 x 3D Rendered Images
  • Source files
  • Fast Delivery
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Account Manager
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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3D Product Complex
In a crowded Amazon and eCommerce online marketplace it’s even more important to stand out from the crowd. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, as you’re aware, your product images are the single biggest factor in converting viewers into customers! That’s where we can help. We’ll create your perfect product image for your eCommerce website, presentation or Amazon store.

Project Assets
All assets required for the commencement of your project must be provided in an electronic format. A confirmation email and requested asset submission form and creative brief will be emailed to you upon order confirmation.

We do not require your product to create 3D Render images. 

3D Product Complex Image
Image stack includes 1 single main complex* image and 1 accessory (package or detailing) product included in the main image frame meets or exceeds Amazon standard image requirements.

complex image* defined as products with detailed elements; electronics, jewelry, appliances, products sold as pairs, moving parts or components.  

  • 5 x 3D Product Rendered Image* 
  • Source Files*
  • Unlimited Revisions (within reason)
  • Initial Concepts within 3 Business Days
  • Edits & Revisions within 24 hours
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Package Includes: 

  • 3D rendering of 1 product image with 1 accessory product in single image frame
  • Project Manager as your point of contact
  • Transfer of source files and copyrights

Asset Requirements
Assets required for commencement of your project must be provided in an electronic format;
Client to provide the following;

  • Product Art-Work (.eps .ai or .psd)
  • Logo Files (.eps .ai or .psd)
  • Stock Image files (If required)
  • All Final Text Copy
  • Creative Brief


Images will meet or exceed Amazon image requirements, images will be delivered in the below format or as requested in the asset submission form.

  • Resolution: 2000px x 2000px 
  • Crop Ratio: 1:1 square image + 5:1 aspect ratio Zoom 
  • Source File format: .pdf, jpg, ai, psd, eps
  • Color Space: sRGB 
  • Main Image background: Pure white (255, 255, 255) 
  • Product fills at least 85% of the frame for the main image
  • Clear, sharp and in focus images
  • Professionally color corrected and white balanced images to represent the most accurate colors.

Product Design:
Design of a custom complex product image. Client to complete a creative brief form, supply print-ready barcode, warnings or symbols, all final text, and art-work.

Includes print-ready art (.eps .ai or .psd) and source files. Any additional formats can be requested directly when placing your order.

Delivery 7-10 Business Days

How long does it take?

We hold a design meeting brief where we assess submitted product and your requested requirements.

Our developer team starts your package 3D wireframe images while our design creative team starts conceptual packaging sketches for internal review. We present a draft proposal(s) we feel meets your goals and develop this into a digital mockup with a logo to help you visualize. You provide feedback and we’ll refine.

We offer unlimited revisions (within reason). Each round of revisions takes one business day. Our studio is closed on weekends.

On average delivery is 7 to 10 business days from the time we receive all your project assets and accept your project. Final deliverables depend on how responsive you are and the number of revisions.

Delivery 7-10 Business Days

Do you have suggestions to make my project run smoothly?

1. Complete our detailed creative brief at the start of the project. Include all the information requested in the asset requirement form.

2. Have all assets ready at the start of the project including all final text, your logo concepts, ideas you would like to pursue, product size or the template from your manufacturer and product reference files for recreation.

We will require all the copy information for your product for a design for example. The product name, description, etc.

3. During the feedback loop, instead of telling us exactly what to do, tell us what the problem is. We will work with you to understand the reasoning behind your edit requests. This will help us to come up with solutions. In other words; instead of saying “make the logo bigger!” explain the problem (the logo should be more visible).

What don’t you 3D render?

1. Once you submit your project asset requirements we hold a design meeting to kick off. We assess your product and requirements to ensure that we can offer you the best possible result! If we believe that your request would-be anything less than perfect we reserve the right to refuse and will refund you 100%.

2. Products of organic/living matter and design materials such as patterned fabrics do not offer the best results for 3D images. As 3D rendering is a computer-generated modeling process it requires detailed programming, products need to be created in a complex wireframe model. 3D rendering is a virtual photo-realistic representation created using computer programs, 3D rendering is not a photo.

3. We offer rendering services for products that meet Amazon standard size tier or less only, (18 inches on its longest side, 14 inches on its median side, 8 inches on its shortest side) if your product does not conform to size requirements please email [email protected] for a custom project quote.

You’re in good hands, our team has extensive real-life Amazon and e-Commerce experience, We know what works….. and what doesn’t. That’s why we can help, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.