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When you start designing the first mockup of your website, a landing page, or an ad copy, you might need to add some placeholder text to get an overall look and feel of your design. Right?

Placeholder text helps outline the visual elements of your design. The requirements change per your design – at times you may just need a line of text, and in some cases, you will need loads of paragraphs. But, where do you get these so-called ‘placeholder text’.

At Yasza Media, we developed a tool that allows you to generate as many placeholder text infills as you need. It is a great tool for designers, webmasters, or any content creators. We have built this lorem ipsum generator in a way that everyone can benefit from it, and that too without paying a penny. You decide how much text you want and how you want it.

Sounds awesome, isn’t it? Before you begin using this tool, here’s a quick background about our lorem ipsum generator tool.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

For starters, lorem ipsum isn’t just some wacky text-thingy with no meaning whatsoever. These words have been derived from the Latin phrase ‘dolorem ipsum’ which translates to ‘pain itself’. Lorem Ipsum is a placeholder text used to illustrate graphic features by publishers and graphic designers.

It is a pseudo-Latin text used instead of English in web design, typography, layout and printing to emphasize elements of design over content. It is also called the text (or filler) of the placeholder. It’s a handy tool for mock-ups. This helps define a text or presentation’s visual elements, such as typography, font, or format.

The classical author and philosopher Cicero’s Lorem ipsum is mostly part of a Latin text. We changed the words and letters by adding or removing them, so it deliberately makes the content nonsensical; it is no longer genuine, correct, or understandable Latin.

While the lorem ipsum is still similar to classical Latin, it has no sense whatsoever in fact. Since the text of Cicero does not include the letters K, W, or Z, foreign to Latin, these and others are frequently randomly inserted to imitate the typographic appearance of European languages, just as digraphs are not present in the original.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

In a professional context, private or corporate clients often plan for a report to be written and delivered with the actual content not yet ready. Think of a blog of news that’s full of content every hour on the day you go live.

Webmasters or Content Managers, however, tend to be distracted by understandable content, such as a random text copied from a newspaper or the internet. It is possible that they will concentrate on the message, regardless of the format and its elements. In addition, random text risks being unintentionally humorous or insulting, pose an unnecessary corporate danger. Since the early 1960s, Lorem ipsum and its many variants have been used, and quite likely since the 16th century.

When to Use Lorem Ipsum Generator tool?

In the design stage, Lorem Ipsum is actually useful as it focuses our attention on places where the content is a dynamic block coming from the CMS (unlike static content elements that will always remain the same). Lorem Ipsum blocks with a range of character counts provide an obvious reminder to check and check that the design and the content model match. It adds value to your content marketing design prototypes.

Lorem Ipsum FAQs

  • What is the meaning of Lorem Ipsum?
    Lorem Ipsum is the printing and typesetting industry’s basic dummy text. Since the 1500s, Lorem Ipsum has been the industry standard.
  • Why is it used?
    The text of the Lorem Ipsum is used to fill spaces designated for hosting texts not yet published. To get a real impression of the digital / advertising / editorial product they are working on, programmers, graphic designers, typographers use it.
  • Where did it originate?
    Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text, contrary to popular belief. It has origins in a 45 BC piece of classical Latin literature, which makes it more than 2000 years old.
  • How can I get some Lorem Ipsum text?
    You can simply use our Lorem Ipsum Generator tool to generate as much filler text as you want based on your requirement.
  • Is this copyright free?
    Yes, our Lorem Ipsum Generator tool is free to use. There is no copyright issues when you use it for your work. We would really appreciate a share/mention though.