Hotel Blogging | 7 Niche Post Ideas For Brand Engagement and Authority

Hotel Blogging | 7 Niche Post Ideas For Brand Engagement and Authority

Hotel Blogging is not a new concept. It is being used by lots of hoteliers to strengthen their brand engagement and online authority. Learn how to convert casual readers into buyers in this blog.

Hotel blogging provides boutique hotels with the ability to expand extensively on a wide array of topics and draw similar readers who can gradually become buyers and brand advocates.

Generally speaking, people like to be helped or informed, far more than they like to be simply sold or pushed to buy. When you give potential guests the benefit of your knowledge or intelligence, then they start building an affinity with your brand and eventually become a client or advise a friend.

Content marketing, when applied correctly, helps hotels to connect with a larger group of audience. And, the best part is that this audience is eager to read what hotels have to say. In addition to engaging interested buyers, authoritative content also pleases the Google bots. When you post blogs regularly, it helps your hotel website’s visibility on SERP (search engine ranking pages).

Hotel Blogging | The Benefits

Blogging for hotels isn’t easy. It is a commitment of resources and time, but it does yield results in the long run. As a matter of fact, hotel blogging is a great way to get your ideas across to a lot of users who might be actively searching.

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Here are a few benefits of hotel blogging –

  • Drives new customers – Blogs are a good way to get your website in front of new customers. They are a perfect way to draw tourists to who search niche content on search engines.
  • Showcases Your Brand – Blogs are the best way to communicate with your guests about your new services. Search engines will also index them to people looking for information in their list of results. Blogs are a great platform to showcase all of your stuff.
  • Keeps your website fresh – If you regularly churn out new contents through blogs, then you will probably find your website in the rankings of Google. Search engines usually rank fresh and interesting content. Blogs work to keep the site new and rich in material.
  • Helps create brand identity – In the hospitality industry, blogs are the easiest way of creating a strong identity. If you don’t post something, you’re not even in the market. Use your blogs to share all hotel details and create a strong reputation for your brand on the market.
  • Develops relationships with customers – By answering questions via blogs, you can build relationships with your guests. Another advantage is that if you respond to a common question, other people looking for the same on search engine will find it easier. In essence, not only a single person but many others are being answered through your blogs.

For your business, hotel blogging can be quite rewarding. Above all, blogs are a way of humanizing the brand globally. It is extremely important in the hospitality industry to make your readers feel comfortable with you and connect to your property.

Blogging for Hotels | The Essentials

So you have decided to start hotel blogging? How do you start though?

Hotel blogging does consume additional time and resources. But, it’s totally worth it! Once you get the hang of it (and make it a part of your daily routine), you will find that blogging is easy.

You need to create content. But what? And how?

Here are the essentials to get started with hotel blogging –

  • You need to determine your audience first. Who are your typical guests? What kind of guests are you interested in attracting? Are they thrifty, adventurous, nightlife millennial? Or are they the laid-back type that love good food and golf? Before you start creating content, describe your target audience as well as you can.
  • Once you have a clear picture of the target audience, brainstorm on what attracts them to your locality and hotel. Think about the epic locations near your hotel. You can create content revolving around the locations to visit. Or, you may consider the frequently asked questions by travelers and write a blog about it… Honestly, this is something that only you can decide.
  • When you have shortlisted the topics, make sure you write well (seek professional bloggers, if needed). You don’t have to be an expert, but the content should beam with authority. This means, you need to invest time in researching before you start writing.
  • Now that you have the topics, start researching on keywords (text that your target audience uses on Search Engines). You can either use a free tool like UberSuggest or go for paid subscriptions from Ahrefs or other similar services. You may also need proofreading and editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway.
  • Finally, create a content repository and a posting schedule.

Hotel Blogging | Searching for Niche Blog Ideas

Stuck with blog ideas for your hotel? Worry not, we have put together some epic post ideas for every type of customer. Before delving into more details, please be informed that not every good idea for a blog post is a good idea for a Boutique Hotel blog post. Take a moment to review what makes the content you post on your site successful.

Having said so, here are some killer hotel blogging ideas for your brand –

Blog Ideas – For Users in the Research/Selection Phase

People researching online prior to booking is undoubtedly a big chunk of the target audience for your hotel’s blog. In this phase, customers are keen on researching the Internet for answers to their queries prior to booking a room. You need to stand out from the competition (it isn’t just you doing hotel blogging), while maintaining consistent quality and answering the questions that the prospects have in mind.

Talk About Special Features

The global currency of online marketing is attention. Write a blog post about all of the special features that your hotel offers. Try adding a FAQ section at the end of your blog. In addition, record a video (Live 360-degree tour) of your property. Upload the video to your hotel’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube page. Embed it in the blog for more engagement.

Virtual Hotel Tour = Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Write About Events In and Around Your Hotel

Most travelers like to take part in local events and such. If your locality or hotel hosts some amazing events, make sure to write a few blog posts about these. Compiling interesting and relevant events helps readers decide if they want to be part of the event. And, if they find about the event via your blog, the chances of them booking a room at your hotel is higher.

Behind the Scenes & Mouth-Watering Cuisines

You have a hotel, and it needs maintenance from time to time. Or, your chef and his team are cooking an awesome platter. Your audience needs to know about these things. At times, the generic posts about scenic locations, tourist hot spots, etc. tend to be monotonous and lethargic. Write about new upgrades that will make your hotel more comfortable for visitors or share a chef’s special recipe. And, don’t forget to add images to the blogs.

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Blog Ideas – For Users Who Are On The Verge of Booking

This group of readers have shortlisted their requirements, and are now comparing the available options. This is the phase where your hotel blogging should cater to a specific need. In this phase, readers are looking for as much informational content as possible (local guides, weather, tips, best places to visit while staying, etc.).

To cater to these needs, include the following in your hotel blogging strategy –

Guides on Local Community, Culture, etc.

Tourists want to experience the local lifestyle. While your hotel might offer everything, the visitors wouldn’t want to spend all of their time within the hotel. You can add blogs that guide them on the best things to do when staying on your property. Tell them about the best local bars, cuisines, festivals, view points, and such. Not only will this help your buyers plan their itinerary, but it will increase your brand’s authority online.

Weather, Packing, and Budget Tips

A lot of customers research a lot on the weather and cost-effectiveness before booking. Make sure that your hotel blogging answers all of these. Tell your audience about the best seasons to visit, what to do in different seasons (fishing, kayaking, etc.). You can also write about the most important things travelers should have in their backpacks. Or, you can target the niche audience who likes to travel on a low budget. Help them with local travel, food, and other options that are budget friendly.

Blog Ideas – For Users Who Have Booked or are Currently Staying at Your Hotel

These hotel blogging ideas will help to strengthen the relationship between your hotel and those who have booked a room with you. They may also help to attract the attention that comes from customers to your added services, such as your restaurant or spa.

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There’s a lot of content that you can create for the customers who are already staying with you. From local language guides to ethnic traditions – the choice depends on you. The idea is to solve a problem for the customer while telling them everything they can do in your part of the world.

Heck, you can even ask them to write something they are loving in your hotel (maybe a video testimonial). Expand on the feature the customer talks about, write a wholesome content on it, and embed the video for better engagement.

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Blog Ideas – For Connecting with Past Customers

One of the primary goals of hotel blogging is to convert customers into brand ambassadors. Well-planned blogs can play a pivotal role in nurturing this relationship between the brand and its guests. Other than testimonials, you can also request user generated content.

Use Guest’s Content to Leverage on Competition

Connect with the guests and give them a platform to brag about their recent stay with you. Ask them to share their best travel photos and write-ups (if not, write blogs demonstrating your guest’s experience). Using guest’s content makes them feel valued while increasing the chances of them booking with you again.

In addition, it also helps your brand to stand out and connect with a lot of potential guests. Word of mouth referral does the best sales job, and nothing is better than original blogs and photos of guests.

Summing Up

You can benefit a lot from hotel blogging, if you devise a strategy keeping your goals in mind. There are a lot of ways to connect with travelers, but blogs are one of the best options as they help you with SEO as well. We hope that the blog ideas for hotels mentioned above will help you get started. Once you get the hang of it, you will find out that there are a lot of topics to write about.

If you get stuck or need professional assistance, let us know via comments or Messenger.

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