Chatbots for Hotels | Scaling Growth with Effective Automation in 2020

Chatbots for Hotels | Scaling Growth with Effective Automation in 2020

In our last few articles, we explained the importance of Messenger Marketing in today’s fast moving world. Almost every business can benefit from having a well-structured chatbot. This comparatively new method works wonders, especially when you roll-out chatbots for hotels.

Chatbots for hotels are slowly (but steadily) turning out to be one of the most important marketing channels within the tourism and hospitality industry. A well-structured chatbot can help a tourism business increase the customer footfall, provide timely customer service, and even boost online bookings.

So, chatterbots (commonly known as Chatbots) are conversational robot agents designed to foster intelligent conversation with users. It is quickly becoming the gold standard for the hotel industry. They might not mean much at this point, but bots like Lola, Viv, and M are redefining the rule book when it comes to prompt customer service. These new breed of AI-based chatbots for hotels are taking over most aspects of customer satisfaction.

Chatbots for Hotels | The Impact on Customer Service

Chatbots have an ever-increasing effect on the hotel industry. Chatbots and artificial intelligence support the hospitality industry, even though they are still evolving. Chatbots provide a simple and collaborative UI, which automatically addresses client’s issues. And, they do this in several languages.

Both the user and the hotels that use the chatbots obviously see a positive effect. It’s technology allows hotels to provide excellent customer experience while minimizing employee costs. The adoption of these automated helpers is growing and hotels are utilizing chatbots for many exciting occasions. Customers can order food, schedule flights, and receive advice for almost anything right on their mobile devices. Chatbots for hotels are the future of customer service and marketing.

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Chatbots now have the best ability to communicate 24/7, to address frequently asked questions, to make recommendations, and to offer additional services or products such as room service or updates. This artificial intelligence (AI) is a great way for potential clients or existing customers to get quick feedback every day and to find answers to questions that may be too humiliating, or too small, for contacting employees.

Here are 5 major benefits of chatbots for hotels –

  • Chatbots provide the users with knowledge at their disposal. Fast replies and real-time support will be offered by Chatbots. Such a program extends all the way from planning a trip, to staying, and continues until after the check-out.
  • A big advantage of chatbots is that they can answer many queries at any given time. Obviously, as a hotelier you want to provide your clients with impeccable instant facilities to save time. Chatbots enable a number of consumers to please themselves by acting promptly on various requests. Smooth, simple reservations, quick check-in and check-outs are now a customer’s reality. Without a question, due to artificial intelligence, the guest experience is far superior.
  • Consumer interactions with chatbots give valuable insight into the behaviors and interests of your customers. The capabilities are significantly improved by using the data collected from chatbots. You will be able to personalize the deals in ways that cater to consumers and promote loyalty.
  • Chatbots are the perfect way to have insightful customer interaction. In contrast to other mediums, customers are more willing to share their reviews in between conversations. Certain ways of gathering feedback such as a form or a rating are much longer and much less effective.
  • Chatbots aid hoteliers get an understanding of customer satisfaction before they post it on platforms like TripAdvisor. It’s easy to monitor this immersive tool. Hoteliers can also solve every problem easily and improve customer satisfaction.

Chatbots can enhance the experience of your clients. Chatbots for hotels are the future, and hoteliers must engage in the chatbot revolution, particularly if they have an existing presence on social media.

Chatbots for Hotels | Bots in Action

A lot of hotels have started embracing this technology. Here are some examples of chatbots for hotels in action –


Bebot is a concierge chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. According to the founders, Bespoke Inc., “that is designed to enable guests to provide immediate, real-time assistance, such as exclusive suggestions for famous and little-known local sights, to answer questions about which only hotel staff would be aware of or to make restaurant reservations”. Hoteliers can provide improved guest experience through the introduction of this approach while reducing their employees ‘ expenses.

chatbots for hotels | Bebot
Chatbot for Hotels by BeSpoke Inc.

A messaging service has been introduced by this popular OTA platform to enable travelers to connect with hotels while bookings are made through the web site of The bot contains answers for queries on subjects such as billing, travel, time of arrival/departure, change of date, and availability of the Internet.


The developers claim that this chatbot can automate up to 80% of the incoming requests. It can be set-up within 4 weeks, and is able to respond in almost 110 languages. Further, this chatbot for hotels can integrate with 30+ business platforms. Mindsay bots are always responsible for answering questions on the chosen chat channels of your guests. This AI chatbot is ready to deal with your hotel questions, services, your reward plan, and more.

chatbots for hotels | Mindsay
Mindsay – Another AI-based Hotel Chatbot

Chatbots for Hotels | 5 Ways to Use Them

The implementation of AI-powered chatbots to provide more reliable customer services can be counter-intuitive in a market where the value gap that separates competing brands has always been the “personal touch” factor.

When a hotel is using chatbots, traditional guest requests can be more effectively handled, particularly the daily request (request for more towels, reporting repairs, ordering room service) or where access to such requests has to be 24/7. Chatbots provide several features in the hotel sense as mobile applications don’t allow guests to search and install an app; they work directly on the hotel’s website or the customer’s Facebook.

Here are 5 ways to use chatbots for hotels –

1. Handling Routine Inquiries

Around 67% of calls for concierges or service workers are recurrent. The questions can often be limited to the same five or six activities that are easily handled by a correctly configured chatbot.

For example, a voice-bot (like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home Voice Assistant), installed in the guest room can request additional sheets, extra medications, extra shampoos and soap, and much more. They can be made available 24×7.

Japanese, Concierge, Hotel, Employees, Support | Chatbots for Hotels
Hotel Concierge

2. Managing the Guest’s Stay

Chatbots will send regular notifications on the guest’s stay, from the check-in to the check-out. An operator will inform a visitor whether his room is open or notify guests of the check-out policy of the property instead of the front desk officer.

The chatbot can even be used for wake-up calls and for visitors to make reservations for dinner, spa or golf. Such a system decreases the frequency for hotel staff to simply ask questions and to communicate to the front desk line. It also lowers human resource allocation.

3. Ordering/Managing Room Service

A chatbot is much more effective than a guest calling the kitchen for a room service dinner. Chatbots will supply menu images, allow guests to click and order immediately. A chatbot can provide guest details about how long the wait is before food arrives, and what the overall order is with proper integration into the hotel network.

4. Personalized Up-Selling

With its unique ability to alert guests through helpful updates of the byte-size, a chatbot proactively notifies tourists about improved facilities such as improvements to types of lodging, spas, on-site dining schemes and additional events.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms that automate and customize messages, Chatbots for hotels can provide supportive, insightful and personalized customer interaction which leads to up-selling conversions instead of being seen as hostile and invasive.

5. Going Beyond Check-Out

After your guests check out, chatbots are a perfect way to get reviews from your company and even to obtain additional room reservations. Chatbots will submit comment surveys to past visitors together with opportunities to fill them in. You can then then apply booking discounts and offers on upcoming visits, which is a very successful way to promote a second reservation and brand loyalty.

Chatbots for hotels are ready to handle the constant stream of daily queries effectively and allow hoteliers to concentrate on the special and customized extras that really enrich the guest experience.


As you can see, chatbots for hotels are becoming more important with the passage of time. As a hotelier, you will be able to reap many benefits by opting for a customized chatbot for your brand. Here are some outstanding benefits of chatbots for hotels –

  • You can use it as a reservation channel and increase direct bookings.
  • Since chatbots are available 24×7, it will be easier to provide prompt responses on customer’s queries round the clock.
  • You can reduce manpower allocation, thereby, bringing down expenses.
  • It gets easier to build and segregate buyer personas and user traits, thus making it easier for hoteliers to implement personalized marketing tactics.
  • It helps receive feedback and boosts the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your hotel.

If you’d like to further discuss the impact of chatbots on the hotel industry or have questions about artificial intelligence, please get in touch with us over Messenger.

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